Capital Line Funding Group

About Capital Line

Capital Line has been in existence as a sole-proprietor and corporation since 1996. Our staff is composed of experienced and practiced real estate and mortgage brokerage personnel.

Meet the Principals

Arthur Hooper

Arthur has been associated with real estate and real estate finance since 1981.

Arthur began his career in Real Estate as a commercial real estate agent with Coldwell Banker. Upon leaving Coldwell Banker Arthur began originating home loans, and started Capital Line shortly thereafter. Over the last 15 years has originated close to $500,000,000 in home loans. Arthur is an expert in all fields of real estate finance including multi-family, industrial, retail and all various types of commercial properties. Arthur was a standout defensive tackle in college, playing football at Pacific Lutheran University in Washington.


James Hooper

James also oversees the QC Department, supervises the Underwriting Department, and serves as Vice-President and Office Manager of Capital Line. Continuing to originate jumbo and super-jumbo loans, James has funded over $220,000,000 in loans with Capital Line. James played basketball at USC and before that at Montana State where he played for 2 years before transferring to USC.