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BioFuel Plant FinancingBioFuel Plant Financing

BioCrude Plant Development / BioCrude Energy Construction / BioDiesel Infrastructure Funding

What we can do.

  • Secure debt and/or equity financing for biocrude plant development
  • Structure/obtain biodiesel infrastructure funding 
  • Secure debt and/or equity financing of up to $1 billion for the build-out of biofuel projects around the world

If you have a biofuel project that needs funding, let us evaluate it. We’ll promptly tell you what we can do to support your biofuel financing need.

Biofuel Plant Financing Program

Financing $25 million to $1 billion biofuel projects around the world.

As a biofuel producer, you need to tap into massive amounts of funding, both debt and equity. Technological advancements necessary for the sector are costly, but also potentially game-changing in the pursuit of energy independence. Capital and technology combined will create efficiencies in the use of biomass as fuel. And those efficiencies will change biofuel dreams into biofuel realities.
Investors in this sector are looking for high rates of return, as much as 30 percent or more. Rising and volatile commodity costs are challenging the ability for producers to meet these hurdle rates.

To fund a biofuel, biocrude or biodiesel project successfully then, you need a partner who can bring innovative solutions to the table. Capital Line Energy Financing is that partner. We know the complexities of this sector. We have hands-on experience counseling clients and framing biofuel funding projects in the best light possible. Contact us today and we’ll get started on your project.

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We give priority to all requests submitted through our website. Each request is reviewed and responded to personally by a Partner at Capital Line. 

BioFuel Plant Financing

Power Plant Type(s): BioFuel, BioMass, Landfill Trash to Ethanol, BioEnergy, BioConversion
Loan Products: Loan Terms and Lengths Vary Based on the Type of Financing Selected For Your Project
Project Size: $25M to over $1 Billion