Capital Line Funding Group

Reverse Mortgage Loan Program in California

Capital Line can assist homeowners in California over the age of 62 with a refinance into a reverse mortgage.

Refinancing today with a new Reverse Mortgage is a simple but effective way to help utilize the equity in your home that you have worked so hard to build up.

In today’s world we are all dealing with high costs for medical expenses, home maintenance, and daily living expenses.

You don’t need any income to qualify! You just need equity in your home.

Some of the most popular reasons for a person to utilize a Reverse Mortgage :

  1. Eliminating a monthly mortgage payment
  2. Add additional tax free funds to your savings accounts
  3. Assist with in-home healthcare costs
  4. Assist with property taxes, home insurance, and home maintenance
  5. Have money available for unforeseen expenses

We can help you save hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars each month. If you’ve missed some payments or your credit isn’t perfect, that is ok. We work with everyone to try and ensure the best fit for your needs.

We can also provide Irrevocable Trust Financing/Refinancing for clients who can’t access the equity in their home due to the way title is held. ***Irrevocable trust financing is restricted to clients of high net worth or families of high net worth***

Capital Line Funding Group can be reached at (858) 812-2063. Capital Line is a - a premier provider of both Residential Financing and Commercial Financing across the United States.