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Wind Farm Funding / Development / Construction / Acquisition Financing

What we can do.

• Secure debt financing for the construction of a wind farm in Canada
• Secure equity financing for the acquisition of a wind farm in India
• Secure debt and/or equity financing of up to $1 billion for the build-out or acquisition of wind energy projects around the world

Wind energy is a growing opportunity for green energy producers – as well as green energy investors and lenders. The cost of electricity from utility-scale wind systems has declined by more than 80 percent since the late-1980s. The most efficient power plants are generating energy at less than 5 cents per k/w.

If you have a wind farm that needs to be built, acquired or improved, let us evaluate the project. We’ll promptly tell you what we can do to support your energy financing need.

Wind Energy Project Financing

Financing $25 million to $1 billion wind farm projects and acquisitions around the world.

The economics of a wind farm development project or acquisition are extraordinarily complex. Prospective wind farm investors will evaluate the wind resource, site location and access, the market or power purchaser, the developer’s zoning experience, proposed turbines and the team’s operational/maintenance experience, among other things.

As a principal, energy producer or project developer, you need to address your financing needs carefully. As you know, the structure of the financing can substantially alter the economics of your wind farm project.

At Capital Line Energy Funding, we are your advocate throughout the wind farm financing process. We know what financiers want to see, and we know how to play up your wind project’s attributes for success. We also recognize that you don’t need just any financing – you need the right financing. Let us help you get it. Contact us today.

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Wind Farm Financing Program

Wind Farm Type(s): Wind Farm, Wind Park
Loan Products: Varied to Clients Needs
Project Size: $25M to over $1 Billion